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Classic Plaid In The U.S.

The Classic Plaid

Who would have thought that the classic red plaid shirt would make it’s way from the country to the city? Not only is 90’s fashion back in a big way, but Fall trends this year do not involve your typical “city girl” attire. Think thick flannels, distressed jeans, 70’s suede, and boho fringe.

Ava_US Blogger

Of course, there is still a way to take these trends and clean them up a bit to keep that busy city-girl vibe. Instead of loose flannel, I kept the shirt buttoned high and fitted. Instead of overly distressed jeans, we just have some clean tears at the knee. Pair with a modern boot and this fabulous blue and gold Guess Watch, and you’ve got the perfect new take on the classic plaid shirt!

Ava_US Blogger

Xo, Ava

Photography Raven Adams